Università cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Research Laboratory on Mediation Processes

Since 2004, the Catholic University of Milan’s Research Laboratory on Mediation Processes has focused on action research and the promotion and supervision of conflict mediation projects, both in the family and community.

The theoretical reference model that guides the Lab’s interventions and research is the relational-symbolic paradigm. This paradigm especially centers on the structural and symbolic dimensions of relationships, which are viewed as essential social components. In the mediation process, this perspective is declined applied with particular care to protect the symbolic value of family or community bonds, even in the case of serious conflicts.

The Rrelational mediation can have several fields of application, so the features of different courses of mediation can be accordingly diverse. In every case, however, relational mediation requires the presence of a qualified professional: a mediator, who works with the parties in conflict to ensure and support the process, allowing the regeneration of bonds through negotiation and the definition of mutual agreements.