Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

How to participate

The Scientific Committee of the Colloquium invites you to participate by presenting a paper within the topics of the conference.

Contributions are invited in the following topics:
1. Global food security: new solutions for a cultivated planet
2. Sustainable use of resources (water, land and environment) 
3. Land rights and access to food: promoting human dignity for hunger reduction
4. Access to Food, Access to Information

Prospective participants are expected to submit a proposal by May 31st, 2015 (Deadline Extended).

Each submission must contain:

  • Author: complete name and affiliation
  • Selected topic
  • Title of the paper
  • Abstract: max 4000 characters

The complete version of the selected papers is then expected not later than August 7th, 2015 at 12.00  a.m. Greenwich Time.

The paper should be clearly headed with the title, the topic area and eventual further keywords. Key formulas, figures, tables and reference list are well-accepted.
The paper length should not exceed 30.000 characters length, including tables, figures, appendix and references.
The files should be in .doc (Open Office or Microsoft Word) format.

All submissions should be sent to: foodpeace.colloquium@unicatt.it

Working Language

The working language of the conference is English, which is used for all printed material, presentations and discussion.


Abstract submission deadline (extended): May 31st, 2015
Abstract acceptance notification: June 15th, 2015
Final paper submission Deadline: August 7th, 2015 at 12.00  a.m. Greenwich Time

Conference access: September 17th, 2015