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Authenticity check of certificates and self-certification

As of 1 January 2015 public administration offices, companies, professional associations and other organisations may access a portal to check whether certificates and self-certification submitted to them by Università Cattolica students or graduates are authentic.
The above-mentioned organisations are encouraged to require that certificates of self-certification be submitted to them on forms issued by Università Cattolica since these can be checked online independently.
Students are also encouraged to use online procedures, their personal I-Catt page and UC Points which all allow for self-certification to be produced which carries an official reference number.

Check of authenticity of certificates and self-certified information on forms issued by Università Cattolica from March 2014 onwards carrying student ID number and official reference number (for Milan, Brescia, Piacenza/Cremona and Roma campuses)

Users must register online in order to carry out checks. Registration will require a valid ID document in JPEG or DF format and those born in Italy will need JPEG or PDF format of their tax number document.

Upon receipt of username and password, access the portal Authenticity check of certificates and self-certification where you will be able to put in the student number and official reference number of the document to be checked. Without the student number and official reference number no check can be made. The procedure will check information recorded in the university student record system and in the university databases.

Check of authenticity of self-certified information set out by a student or graduate in a format not issued by Università Cattolica and therefore not carrying an official reference number (for each individual campus)

Email your request for an authenticity check to the relevant campus:

Milan: areadidattica.carriera@pec.ucsc.it
Brescia: segr.studenti-bs@unicatt.it
Piacenza/Cremona: direzione.sede-pc@pec.ucsc.it
Roma: areadidattica.carriera-rm@pec.ucsc.it | area.carriera-rm@unicatt.it
Include the following information in your request:

  • name and address of office sending the request;
  • a clear and complete description of the request, attaching the document in question;
  • full name, job title and signature of the person making the request (private companies or organizations must attach a copy of the student’s valid ID document and signed privacy waiver);
  • email address or fax number where the answer to the request should be sent.


Requests for authenticity checks cannot be carried out without all of the above information and attachments.

Email address for information or requests for assistance related to the webpage Authenticity check of certificates and self-certification regarding certificates or self-certification produces on forms issued by Università Cattolica: conferme.titoli@unicatt.it

We regret that any communication not relevant to these checks will not be answered and assistance will not be offered.