Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Notice of submission study plans - Cremona

Enrolment must be renewed for the 2018/2019 academic year before submission (note that enrolment is officially recorded 7-10 days after payment of the first instalment).

Students must submit their study plan either via their persona iCatt [pps] page  (‘study plan’ under online ‘student records’) or at the UC Points, through the online ‘student records’ function.

Whichever procedure is used, students will have to enter with their account name and password.

All students must submit their study plan in line with the instructions published in the relevant Faculty guide.

If awaiting enrolment following procedures of shortened study periods (recognition of previous studies, transfers from other universities, admission to second degree programmes, transfer to a different degree programme, etc.) students have to submit their study plan after enrolment has been completed.

Students are advised to print their submitted study plan which will serve as a receipt of submission

N.B. Students must submit their study plan by the established deadline.

Study plans can be submitted up to seven days after the deadline but will incur a penalty fee of Euro 100.

Study plans cannot be submitted later than seven days after the deadline: if no study plan has been submitted then one will be assigned by default, which cannot then be altered.

For any further details students should: