Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

In Piacenza from Raeligh and Elon, USA

"Studying at Università Cattolica for 6 weeks this summer was unlike any experience I have ever had. The town of Piacenza is so quaint and beautiful and I will never forget the people I met during my stay here. Through Cattolica I was given so many amazing opportunities and I heard from many esteemed company representatives and professors during site visits and school seminars. These lectures gave me much greater insight into the world of business and economics. They have also provided me with knowledge and perspective that I will apply to my future studies of business and Italian language.
The students we met at Cattolica were so friendly and accommodating and I am very excited to get to know some of them better as they join us at NC state in the fall. I want to thank the university and its staff for providing me with such an amazing cultural learning experience in Italy this summer. This program has vastly broadened my horizons and opened my world to new connections and life experiences that I will cherish for years to come."

Sofia Abdo

"My experience at UCSC has been one filled with new friends, new food, and a new outlook on a culture that is quite unlike the American culture I call my own.  Through this program, I was lucky to have visited the largest IKEA distribution center in Southern Europe,  a law firm in Milan, a steel company in Cremona and even attended lectures from actual Italian professors. As a business major, I truly believe that it will be these experiences that will provide me with a special knowledge company employers are looking for in young business professionals.
Along with the special knowledge gained in the functions of Italian business , I have also learned so much about the country that millions of Americans only dream of visiting. From learning the most basic greetings of the language to knowing my way around the Italian city of Piacenza, I have been immersed into a culture that I have now grown to love and adore.  Even though dinner was always late and many shops closed at the hours I needed them open the most, I have certainly enjoyed getting to know this city, the people, and most importantly, the food.  When I go back to the states with my tastebuds changed, nothing will compare to the savory pizza, flavorful pasta, delectable wine, and the most delicious gelato in the world.  At this programs end, along with my new taste for food, small Italian vocabulary, and valuable business knowledge, I will also be leaving with many new friends from both America and Italia.
This experience is one that I will never forget and I can't thank USCS enough for all of the wonderful memories and endless fun."

Madeline Bagby