Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Food Safety on a global scale: what are the emerging risks?

25 settembre 2015

Food safety is a complex problem: as demand for food increases, a growing number of subjects participate in the production and delivery of food.

Due to the increasing globalization of the food supply, food safety problems can spread rapidly beyond single locations to create problems. Inadequate food safety systems and the resulting food safety crisis have great social costs: (illnesses, loss of productivity and, in the more serious cases, death). Furthermore, it is necessary to consider all the costs deriving from the reduced market access and the loss of income, due to contaminated food that cannot be sold and is wasted.  The costs of unsafe food are greater for developing and emerging countries, in which food safety is critical to food security, poverty alleviation and economic growth.

Re-thinking food safety in a global scale implies analyzing risks for food safety deriving from globalization, taking into consideration al

l the aspects  of food safety issue: the consumer health protection, as well as the economic, entrepreneurial, social, trade and policy aspects. Education and innovation has also an important role in delivering effective solution to prevent food safety problems. Improving skills and knowledge enhances food safety, and opens a world of new economic opportunity, particularly for developing country that can be able to participate more fully in the global food value chain. 

The workshop - organized in the framework of the scientific events of the European Union for Expo 2015 - aims to discuss with participants about emerging food risks on a global scale. The three sessions will be organized as round-tables, with the possibility for participants to be actively involved.

Participation is free but registration is required. For registration click here. To download the programme click here